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Naninski & Figaro

Acrobatic-dance-comic performance with a lot of humorous scenes. The show is about 2 different characters who - at the end - can work together.
Acrobatic, dance with comedy and juggling. The show is about 2 very different character who can in the end work together (their goals are the same: to entertain the audience). The funny scenes are filled with acrobatics that gives a fantastic experience to any audience - from children to adults. In addition to these, Naninski and Figaro include the viewers in interactive scenes to increase the excitement and laughter!

Duration of the Show: 10-30 minutes (by agreement)

The creators of the dynamic duo production:
Krisztián János Ámik and Viktor Csernyik

Suggested for:

- festivals
- holiday events
- seasonal jobs
- balls
- birthdays
- company events
- family days
- kindergarten/school events