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Who are we?

Naninski and Figaro are two different but also - in fact - similar characters. Naninski is the always happy character who likes to have fun and makes the audience laugh with his comic tricks and scenes. This always makes Figaro angry who is the earnest character. He doesn't like it if the show is "not going as planned" and always tries to get it together. But - of course - it turns into a scandal that creates humorous scenes and big laughter to the audience. At the end of each block and the finalé the two characters perform a great show as their common goal is the entertainment of the audience what they prioritize.

The creators of the dynamic duo production: Krisztián János Ámik and Viktor Csernyik.

Naninski - Krisztián János Ámik: Performer, dancer and choreographer. 25 years experience in the world of dance, performing arts and stage performance. He has been in love with dancing since the age of 4, starting from ballet through the modern dance and sports to the break danceing and acrobatics. He learnt the different styles in many art institutions which later contributed to the formation of his own unique style. Acting have always been close to him as he created parodies in his childhood and later he worked in theatres, too. He worked in many different groups as choreographer and as member, for instance his first break dance team the East Side Enemy which later performed in the top 24 of the hungarian talent show 'Csillag Születik'. Later he worked as member of the dance group called Folk'n'Break. They have had many performances in Hungary and abroad. He also excelled in street workout collecting awards participating in competitions as the member of Nyír1Flow. He had the oppurtunity to show his dancing and acting skills in many places abroad: he performed in Romania, Poland, Slovakia, France and Dubai. He fell in love with the world of circus arts later, so the already juggling enthusiant dancer dreamed of a new show with a new unique character. This is how the character Naninski was born who came back to stage as the comedian of both children and adult with his new show called Naninski Show. After this, his cousin joined him in this genre and now the create amusing shows together, too.

Figaro - Csernyik Viktor: Performer, acrobat, street workout athlete. He was always in movement, starting with gymnastics at the age of 5 which was really good basic for later. Afterwards, he was a break dancer and he already worked in the same group with János Ámik. They had many performances together back then already. Later he continued developing his skills in streetball and freestyle basketball. He also tried himself as a stuntman in a movie. He has been into street workout since 2014 and since 2016 he has earned many golden, silver and bronze medals from national championships but he also participated in some international competitions as the member of Nyír1flow, the hungarian street workout team from Nyíregyháza, Hungary. Being an acrobatic sportsman circus acrobatics came close to his heart. The idea of creating a show together was given. He joined Naninski's productions with the name Figaro. They have created a dynamic duo production together and they have already had many performances in Hungary and abroad, too.

Being cousins they have danced together since their childhood, they have entertained the family with little shows which is now the base of their synergy on stage. They have continously worked out and practiced together through the years so the common interest always remained. The final formation was created in 2018. They added their skills and knowledge together and finally Naninski and Figaro have born.

Acrobatics, dance elements, juggling, comedy and laughter in large quantities. Almost 20 years of experience guarantees the success! The spectacular and amusing (and personalized if needed) shows will stand its ground on any event, and provides a fantastic experience for any ages. We always create new show elements and full new shows to add to our repertoire. The great mood and laughter are guaranteed!

Naninski (right) and Figaro (left)